Small Wonders in Tough Times

Have you ever taken the time to analyse the events in your life and then wonder how you made it through the tough times? Sometimes, the tough times include grief and loss. There are inevitably, small wonders in the tough times.

The small wonders can add up to big accomplishments. The small wonders may go unnoticed at the time and upon reflection at a later date you notice the importance of the small things in life. The significance of things can be different for each person.

The experience of grief and loss can bring helping hands from a friend or words of encouragement from a stranger; the reverse is also possible. Sometimes, the lowest moments in life end up having the greatest impact on whom you become in the future.

An invite out for supper may lead to a conversation and an introduction to a new person, who leads to the job you always wanted or the meeting of a new friend. Life losses and events provide the opportunity for change, provided you accept the challenges that come with it. Moving to a new location, meeting new people, going back to school as an adult and changing your whole life for the better may be your personal challenge(s).

If you had a magic crystal ball you could see how small wonders work in your life and how they transpire in the lives of others. Set aside fear, procrastination, the what ifs and take a chance to be a different and better you. After dealing with some types of losses you are forever changed, anyway.

One small wonder I saw happen was when a grieving mom of 4 years passed her phone number to a newly bereaved mom. Both women had children die in a similar manner. Strength, courage and a willingness to help someone else, plus the same characteristics needed to accept that help and support came together in that moment. To this day I am amazed and inspired by the power individuals possess.

Take this time to remember someone who inspired you.   Maya Angelou wrote about what she has learned, which included, “…’I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Smile, say good morning to a stranger or a neighbour, put a jump in your step and see the small wonders all around you no matter how you feel.