About Barbara

Through my life’s journey with moments of joy and times of deep despair connected with life’s losses I know I am no different than you. Stuff has happened to me too.  Losses and deaths associated with childhood, children, relationships, parent, grandparents, pets and more hurt, but I am not defined by them.

I define myself by the courage and strength I now see in myself; I am a survivor!

I am a grief counsellor who completed university at the age of 54 with a degree in Thanatology; which is the study of death and loss. This is important to me, because it gives me academic knowledge to apply to my lived experiences.  I am now equipped to help others handle grief and loss such as; individuals and counsellors.

I do this, because I know how frustrating and lonely it can be when seeking grief supports. Many times people give up and deal with loss on their own; we all need support somehow and sometimes. Especially when death is the topic of discussion and many people are uncomfortable with this.

I did that. I held everything in for a lifetime (over 40 years); which was to my detriment.  My body eventually retaliated against me.  The grief had to go someplace.

Now, I help others to be empowered and look at their grief and losses, to release the emotional pain they are holding onto. Self-empowerment brings about the ability to live, laugh and love again.

You too can thrive and enjoy life again!

The services provided by “Healing a Heart’s Loss” are LGBTQ positive.