Relationship Loss -intimate partner

The topic of relationship loss is sometimes difficult to talk about. For one, you need to find that special person to talk with who will listen to you. Are you ready to have that conversation?

What are you afraid of when looking at a life without your partner? What past coping skills helped you move beyond perceived road blocks? Perhaps there have been times in life when you were supportive of others; have you asked others to help you now?

What might “help” look like to you? Possibly, help may be having someone to talk with before making a decision or someone to listen while you bounce ideas and options off them. Someone who enables you to hear your thoughts out loud and perhaps give you a second opinion to contemplate…not tell you what to do!

Maybe, you have to start your life over and create a new “YOU” as you move forward in life without your partner or spouse. Are you alone now? What does alone mean to you? There is a difference between alone and loneliness.

Some people cannot handle being alone, while others are comfortable with this and do not feel the loneliness. Is being alone a part of healing from a loss; the ability to gradually be comfortable enough with you to not feel the loneliness?

This may not come naturally to you, but over time the loneliness may diminish. Not right away and not if you sit at home and do nothing. Perhaps call a friend, meet new people, join a group or volunteer. The point is to do something different.

The growth that comes from healing is difficult for many, but the alternative is perhaps staying stuck in a life of sadness, anger, fear and what ifs. The biggest what if, is what if you do not move forward, somehow in your life?

Let’s see if I get this correct, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Does this sound like you or someone you know? Are you thinking, “been there done that one already”!

I often say, “Take one step at a time”. Sometimes, you will go 5 steps forward and two steps backward, but that is still 3 steps forward. Be open to invitations from others even if you do not feel like going out, you do not know what new opportunity is waiting for you. Do it anyway!

None of this article mentions letting go of that special person or as some might state, “GET OVER IT”! No, you never get over not having that special person you love in your life. You move forward, however that looks like and works for you. You remember the love and so much more. (((HUGS)))