In life numerous types of relationships are created with family, friends, co-workers, neighbours and more.  The cultivated relationships seem to have a way of changing as life evolves and sometimes in unanticipated ways.  Relationships ending or changing can create multiple loss scenarios in addition to the initial loss component.

  • Intimate partner…    death, separation/divorce, health/medical issues etc.
  • Children…                   death, separation/divorce, health/medical issues, growing up etc.
  • Job…                             termination, repositioning, relocating, retirement etc.
  • Spirituality…              believes differently, nonbelief etc.
  • Self-identity…            death, abuse, spirituality, growing up, job, intimate partner, etc.

With all losses we experience CHANGEWhen change occurs we have CHOICES.

Remember; making no CHOICE is a CHOICE.

We have the choice to create change for and within ourselves.  How often has the phrase “If you keep doing what you are doing, you are going to keep getting what you get” been heard?

After the grieving process has started and evolved…that is, the sadness, numbness, disorientation, searching, longing and tears (if this applies) have decreased, but perhaps not gone away completely, an individual can start to re-evaluate life.  Part of this revaluation can include relationships and the associated role changes imposed or chosen.

CHOOSING to CHANGE begins with intent and pondering what needs to be done.

  • Getting more information
  • Getting counselling
  • Looking at options
  • Self-evaluation

DO NOT expect to change in a healthy way if blame and fear are primary forces at work when self-searching and healing is the intended result.

Yes, I get it, I truly understand the reasoning behind it…when individuals use blame and fear, but…finding the strength from within or externally to move beyond this point is paramount in creating a life change that inspires, encourages, entices and brings JOY back into life.

To “Live, Laugh Love” again

Some relationships will dissolve completely while others will accommodate the new changes.  As life evolves new and unique situations and people can become a large part of what an individual cannot imagine when in the beginning stages of the new life journey…

Engage in life again and be open to new opportunities