Using Items from Someone Who Has Died

I was watching a video that spoke of powerful concerns about using items or wearing someone’s clothing after they have died.  Some of the comments pertaining to this video were religious and culturally based.  The whole topic tweaked my interest.

The video and subsequent comments from other listeners spoke of the positive and negative energies remaining with the items.  There was reference to second hand donated clothing as well and how when you purchase second hand items, you do not know what energy is connected to them.

Washing the belongings does not remove the negativity, if there is any.  

The idea that the deceased individual still had an attachment to theses items was mentioned and therefore; perhaps their spirit was still connected to them.  The notion of really liking something while they were alive and maintaining that link after death.  Remember, I am sharing what I had watched and read.

This topic brought up other information I had read or heard related to personal items of a deceased; which could include furniture, jewelry etc.  Energy, good vibes, spooky, creepy, weird, possessed, and more have been used to describe feelings associated with items belonging to a deceased individual.  

When we let go of the belongings ourselves, the spirit of the deceased is able to move on more easily. Doing this is also healing for the individual who is grieving and, in some cases, celebrating the transition of a life to “the other side”.

Holding on or letting go.  Does this come from religious doctrine, passed down from generation to generation?  All of this is Food for Thought.

Heirlooms might hold a different meaning for you now that you have read this information.  Does it matter to you?  

How many people advocate keeping belongings, holding onto the memories in tangible ways?  I know several individuals who find comfort in wearing their dead husband’s sweater or housecoat.  The jewelry items that get passed down to different family members as gentle reminders of a loved one.

On the flip side, what about the scary movies where there are negative energies attached to items, do the negative energies really exist?  Have you gotten a “bad” feeling from something or someplace after someone has died?  Do opposites exist in this world?  I am only posing the questions.

What thoughts come to your mind?  What experiences have you had in your life or know about from others?  Do you keep sentimental items that belonged to a deceased individual, or do you make sure they are disposed of?  


All my best,

Barbara Gillett Saunders