News You Did Not Want to Hear and What to Do Now

Have you ever received news you knew was coming, but hoped the news did not come as soon as it did? Perhaps the news is not promising and what the future holds something that causes you to look at life differently.  To appreciate every moment you have.  To look inside you and decide what is truly important in this life.

Some individuals when faced with life and death decisions may look at life through a different lens.  I wonder if there is fear, anxiety, uncertainty and more for them.  Who are these concerns shared with, if anyone?  Do those who are or will be affected by this news have the same worries and do not share them with others?

Hmmm, the same concern, different interconnected people and what to do?  Hold everything inside self or share your concerns and address the elephant in the room.  Holding everything in will eventually cause more mental, physical, emotional and spiritual distress.  Been there, done that one!

Well, maybe there needs to be a discussion with all of the concerns, feelings and emotions being addressed.  As difficult as this seems for some you might say, “Why would anyone do this?”  This is an opportunity that may lay the foundation for sharing concerns in order to come to an open understanding of the situation and create an environment where it is safe to be who you are no matter what.

This goes both ways for those involved.  Can you feel it?  The warmth and safety knowing someone gets it and understands you as you understand them.  I know there are times when no matter what, you do not want to say something that might upset someone else.  STOP!!!

By not saying what ever it is you are holding onto, does not stop the other person from creating scenarios in their mind of potential problems you may be having.  Their mind can play havoc and, in the end, cause more distress than if they knew what was really going on at your end.

Being able to express your thoughts and emotions forms a space where you can both gradually appreciate and cherish every moment life has.  Sadness and joy shared when there is openness between connected individuals is something to value.

What is truly important becomes treasured.  Time, relationships and creating memories to last a life time for all involved may have a deeper meaning and sense of ownership.  When I say ownership, I mean something that is valued and cherished safe within your heart where no one can take it away.

Is there someone in your life you need to share your concerns with and create that safe space to appreciate what is truly important before it too late to do so?