Looking Back to Get the Courage to Move Forward

Life is full of ups and down, and sometimes a feeling as if I am never going to get through this crisis. Have you felt this way or know someone in this predicament?  I would like to share with you an idea that may help.

Presuming you are doing this activity for yourself; take the time to find as many pictures as you can of yourself.  Gather pictures of only you with no one else in the photo if possible.  Have a collection of pictures from different age levels. Make this about YOU for a change.

Now that you have gathered several pictures; arrange them in age groupings.  With each age grouping take one group at a time to look at in more detail.  Have a paper and pen handy for the notes you are going to write.

The notes are going to be your list of feelings about “YOU” at that age.  What was going on in your life to create these feelings?  When looking at a picture is this truly who you were or was this the face you let others see all the while hiding something deep inside not spoken of?

Do this activity with each age grouping. Be gentle with yourself.

Why do this activity in the first place?

  1. To provide a look at where you have been in life.
  2. To step back to the place where some of the deep held emotions may be hiding.
  3. To realize how far you have come.

YOU have managed to survive life’s ups and downs to this point.

Can YOU see now, how YOU can survive

whatever life brings your way?