Loss Due to Discrimination

Consider for a moment the many ways people are discriminated against.  Hmmm, there is discrimination connected to sexual orientations, colour, race, religious beliefs, gender, mental illness, financial wealth or lack of it, and the colour of your eyes.  I’m sure you get the idea that discrimination is a part of life.

Another part of discrimination is having a feeling of not belonging.  Not belonging to what you may ask?  Depending on the situation, the individuals involved and their tolerance for “others” some people may not feel welcomed.  These are the ones who are discriminated against; the ones who may be different in some way from you.

Perhaps you are part of the “in crowd” and do not let others into your group because they do not “fit” or belong.  What if that was you who did not fit, because you were not given the chance to do so? Prejudged and shunned based on what?

Discrimination intended, implied or misunderstood is still discrimination and judgment.  How does it feel to be discriminated against or judged? Think about it, how did you feel when you were discriminated or judged by another person, business or institution?

Alone, scared, worried, fearful, rejected, anxious, sad, hopeless, overwhelmed, lonely, lost, wanting to cry, confusion and depressed are a few words of how someone might feel. GRIEF, this is grief due to not being accepted for who you are, not being “good enough” as judged by a measure outside of you.

When discrimination is a part of your life it is a part that does not have to be accepted.  I know there are power struggles going on in the world every day, but as a society and individual we do not have to give our power away to individuals who purposefully or through their own ignorance try to suppress others.

Acknowledge when you feel you are discriminated against and then stand up for yourself.  This can be in your own heart and mind, but when you realize you are not defined by others you take back your personal power.

Empowerment comes to mind as I write this.  Just as with discrimination taking on a life of its own, so can empowerment.  What is that saying; “The meek shall inherit the world”?

Being confident, proud, trusting, having inner strength, believing, accepting, being hopeful, loving, having direction, enjoying life and moving forward are all signs of personal power.  Be the best you that you can be!