Who is Your Motivator?


Do you ever wonder how much worrying goes into being “stuck”?

This comment comes to mind after reading a recent posting from a friend on Facebook; specific reference is made about people who worry about others and the fact the worrying belongs to the worrier.

When I am in the midst of my own stuff or being stuck in sadness or whatever the “problem” is, I don’t initially pay much attention to other people.  Upon reflecting on this and the idea that someone might be worrying about me; bothers or causes me to be concerned.   I don’t initially think of the fact that the worrying is their process and not mine, BUT…what can I do to stop them from worrying about me?

The solution is to get better or change my perspective – provided the situation is conducive to this.

I wonder if getting better or “unstuck” so someone else feels better is enough of a motivator for me to change how I am reacting to my situation.  I can be stubborn and think feeling sad is a good spot to be in for now, hmmmm… for as long as I want.

  •       Sometimes, I don’t want to care about who is worrying about me.
  •       Sometimes, knowing a certain person is concerned about me upsets me even more.

I mentioned “enough of a motivator”, now I wonder who would be that important to me to cause me to think more of them than myself?  Would this be a:

  •       Child?
  •       Parent?
  •       Spouse?
  •       Partner?
  •       Friend?
  •       Other family member or individual?

For that matter maybe it is a pet.

Who is your motivator?