Throat Chakra: Difficulty saying what you want to say

For a few moments I want to explore with you more about grief and loss.  I always state that grief is mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  This is me, speaking my truth and belief about grief and loss.

Further to this is how these components are interrelated.  At this moment I am going to explore how the THROAT is affected and talk about the THROAT CHAKRA.  I know this may be new to some of you and if so, I encourage you to look on the internet for more information about “CHAKRAS”.  There is too much information for me to explain in this format.

With people, especially those who are grieving, I have noticed that they struggle with clearing their raspy throat, coughing, and are unable to get the words out that they want to say or do so hesitantly when sharing their concerns with me.  This is a moment when I say to myself, “there is a lot going on here for this person and they have a lot to say”.  I use this information to help them unload what words are stuck in their throat.

Yes, words get stuck for a variety of reasons.  Mentally a person may be worried about what to say and whom it is safe to say it to.  They may wonder if they will be ridiculed for speaking about their deceased individual and fear being told it is about time to “get over it…move on with life…stop grieving”.

Emotionally, there may be a whirlwind of feelings going on inside them and they are overwhelmed with disorganized memories, visions and a longing for life to not be like it is now.  They want to talk about this.

Physically, the stress, tension, anxiety and more are being held in the body causing muscular distress and more.  The not releasing the emotions perpetuates this stressfulness.

Spiritually, there may be a disconnect between the mind, body, spirit and heart centre. This disconnect causes an imbalance in the whole being of a person. 

Talking about grief and loss is imperative.  When left unsaid more than blockages or feelings of being stuck occur in the body. (You can see this as indicated with other chakra points, not discussed at this time)


  • Journal, get the words in your mind on paper
  • Focus on your breathing with intent; breath work (you can look more into this)
  • Do neck stretches, to help relieve the tension often held here
  • Get a Reiki treatment
  • SPEAK YOUR TRUTH; say what needs to be said

With SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH, always think of “do no harm”, even if harm has been done to you.  Some will say “karma is a bitch” and don’t add to it if you can help it. Perhaps talk to a counsellor, minister or trusted friend instead.

I have given you some FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

All my best,

Barbara Gillett Saunders

Grief Counsellor/Thanatologist