Psychic Mediums and “SPIRT” Communicate Explained

During my year of research, I spoke with many people who were classified as psychic, mediums or psychic mediums.  I asked questions and received answers such as;

“When dealing with a grieving person are you sensitive to their needs and vulnerability?”

Responses were;

  • It doesn’t matter what their situation I say what comes to me.
  • Yes, I will not say something if it will cause harm but I will do another reading for free if they come back when they have worked through some of their grief.
  • A message is a message and it does not matter how many people are in the room and hear what is said.
  • I don’t soften what is said just because someone is grieving.

“How does someone know if the medium or psychic person is for real?  (I went into a psychic fair being held in a motel room and approached several people to ask questions and one man told me this…)”

  • There are people who portray themselves as a medium but really are gypsies who travel around the country doing psychic fairs who are not what they say they are.
  • Be aware of those who will mislead and deceive you.
  • Use someone who has been referred by someone else…word of mouth.
  • Use discernment when going to a psychic medium and if something does not feel right, leave.
  • There are reputable individuals who communicate with “spirits”

“How do you, as a medium know if the message is real?”

  • Sometimes, there is a feel that comes from the spirit.
  • Sometimes, the spirit can be seen and described.
  • Sometimes, there is a message that comes in words to me.
  • Sometimes, nothing comes, there is no message.
  • Sometimes, I see a scene of something happening

I have brought forth information in case you are considering using a person (psychic, medium) to connect with a deceased.  Please use discernment when making your decision and be aware not everyone is who thy say they are.

On the other side of this, I have interviewed people who are truly passionate about what they do in helping grieving individuals and others, connect to their loved ones.

As always, I bring you a perspective to consider and be informed.

All my best,

Barbara Gillett Saunders

Grief Counsellor/Thanatologist