Holiday Season Sadness

I am sharing a little information for you to take note of.

The Holiday Season is a good time to see people and share in the festivities, visiting with family and friends, but what if you are not ready for this and no one knows it? There are many people who will not and do not want to celebrate the Holiday Season.

Have you ever wondered why? After the loss of someone close to the individual, there may be a tremendous sadness that seems to be magnified at this time of the year.  Many people put on their happy face and try not to let others see the sadness, but deep inside grief is doing its work.

Some individuals do not want to be bothered putting on a show for anyone else; this is a lot of effort for a grieving person.  Many do it anyway, because it is a too overwhelming trying to explain their feelings of loss to you.  YOU may not understand and in some cases YOU have told them to “get over it” or said, “come on, are you still crying”?

I share this with everyone now to let you know it hurts to be happy when joy has left someone’s life. In time there will be glimpses of happiness, but the Holiday Season is sometimes too overwhelming for some people.

Take a trip away from everyone, shut the door, do not answer the phone or let it be known there are no celebrations here this year are options considered and in many cases taken by those who do not want to do the HOLIDAYS at this time.

There is no right or wrong decision.  Are you someone who is supportive of another during a Holiday Season affected by grief? Are you the person who pushes and just wants the grieving person to be happy?  No matter what is said or done, no one can make it better for a grieving individual except to ask, “Is there anything I can do to help”?

Consider who may be overwhelmed and is this time of year too much for them to handle.

All my best,

Barbara Gillett Saunders

Grief counsellor/Thanatologist.



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