Angel Gowns for Child Loss

I wonder if you are like me, never hearing the term “Angel Gowns” or “Baby Gowns” in the context of child death loss. I went searching for more information; which I am now sharing with you.

Wedding dresses are donated and used to make small, beautiful gowns for babies to be dressed in if they have died prematurely or full term.

Due to increased awareness, more people in different parts of the world are offering this gift. Some hospitals and funeral homes already have these dresses. If this is not something that is available in your area, perhaps it is a project worth starting.

I know not everyone who has experienced a child loss would want this, but what a beautiful gesture of compassion and caring to help a grieving family in some way.

In addition to “Angel Gowns” there are people who make small blankets and bonnets that are donated to hospitals or funeral homes. Some of the items made are very small.

I came across different websites when looking up the words Baby Gowns, Angel Gowns and Forever Love Angels to mention a few. Perhaps in the future you will be able to contribute to an “Angel Gown” or make some to donate to the hospital or funeral home.

Packaged with a note of love and understanding this gift could be used in the hospital by a family while pictures were being taken. You might say “Taking pictures!!!” Yes, pictures are often taken in the hospital after a baby dies. In some cases these pictures are the only tangible memory a parent will have of this child.

When we care we share in many ways.