“Suicide Boys” FYI!!!

In this short note, I am sharing important information with you as professionals and individuals who want to support and understand what is happening in the world.

Recently I was speaking with a mom whose teen aged child died by suicide.  With permission I share how she wants others to know about what she found on her child’s computer and cell phone.  This happened after the death as she was searching for answers as to why the suicide happened.

She explains how she had no idea this child was struggling with life and thinking about suicide.

The point is, CHECK THIS OUT;the music and the lyrics connected to the musical group called “SUICIDE BOYS”!  The group talks about how easy it is to slice your throat, go hang yourself, and put the girl in the trunk after you kill her.  These are just a sample of what is stated when you do more searching.

I am asking you to check on Google or search where you can to get more details about what your children or individuals are listening to.  I was appalled as was this mother at the words we listened to and read.  The tone of the music parallels the lyrics.

I am not saying, nor is this mother that this is why her child died by suicide, but we both ponder how many external influences are out there, that many of us do not have a clue about.

Do your due diligence and inform others.


All my best,

Barbara Gillett Saunders