Pregnancy Loss


“Pregnancy Loss” seems to be an expanding component up of my world.  While checking some postings on Facebook I noticed a comment from a friend about her second pregnancy loss which prompted me to share this post at this time.  I was impressed with a few things;

  1. my friend shared her loss in a public forum
  2. the overwhelming, supportive responses from others
  3. the shared support from men and women who have experienced similar loss

Pregnancy loss from miscarriage can occur at any time during a pregnancy from weeks to months.  The loss can be due to medical or unknown reasons.  There is also a form of pregnancy called a molar pregnancy; where the body displays all of the signs of pregnancy but, the cells do not form a fetus.  Here is one web site with more information on molar pregnancy   Imagine, thinking you are pregnant and then finding out there is no viable life.

Loss is loss, grief is grief and both can cause an individual to be pushed into despair, sadness, disbelief and in many cases isolation with their thoughts and feelings.  This is another reason why I am impressed with my friend for sharing her feelings and loss with others.  My friend has created a space where it is safe for a community to share their grief in a different way.  I say “her loss”, but it is important to remember there are others involved who are experiencing this loss also; perhaps, husband, child, grandparents, close friends and in a vicarious way those who are touched be this loss. 

What happens after a pregnancy loss?  How might some woman react to subsequent pregnancies?

  • Fear that a miscarriage will happen again
  • Hypersensitive during a subsequent pregnancy until the ending period of the prior pregnancy passes.
  • Keep the pregnancy a “secret” so they don’t’ have to explain to others there was a miscarriage or molar pregnancy
  • Hypersensitive to the body’s quirks that might be similar to a prior pregnancy
  • Vigilant with care for self and the fetus
  • Reflective when seeing other woman who are pregnant or have healthy babies
  • Over protective when child is born



Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network also known as “PAIL Network” previously known as Perinatal Bereavement Services Ontario (PBSO) is in the process of change.   You can connect with them to find a support system in your community or someone to talk with.

I provide both options in case the new web site is not completed and you need the information

PAIL Network   or

PBSO   or

1-888-301-7276      good for both

PAIL Network is a registered Canadian charity committed to making a positive difference to those affected by pregnancy and infant loss.



 Unspoken Grief

An interactive website used for sharing experiences…


Now I Lay me Down To Sleep

A photographer volunteers his/her time to photograph babies who have died.  There are specific month requirements. (I will provide more information in upcoming postings in September 2102) Local hospitals may have the contact information for that area.


More information referring to pregnancy loss will be touched upon in upcoming blog postings on the website