Joy and Opportunity to Live Life Differently

In the past year I have had the privilege to meet and connect with people who have been inspired to do things they never thought possible or dreamed of doing prior to a significant loss in their life.

Perhaps you know people who inspire you by what they accomplish even though loss is a part of their journey.  Authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, activists for a specific cause, volunteers and heroes to someone are all ordinary people.  What makes them different from the rest of the crowd?  If this is you, what makes you different now?

You might ask, “How can the “ordinary” person have joy and opportunity to live life differently?”  Let us ponder what can be done.

Do not listen to people who say “you can’t do that”.

Find something you want to do and do it.

Follow the nudge in your heart that says, “I need to do this”.

Be inspired by someone; ask them how they did it.  That person may be more than happy to share their fears, concerns, dreams and successes with you.

Each time you say a negative word to yourself stop and say “cancel” and rethink your thoughts to something more productive.

Maybe the door has to close before a new opportunity comes, but you are in a place of fear and won’t close the door.

Belief, trust and faith are strong determining factors to change; belief, trust and faith in you.

Find a buddy who you can call when you are down and need to hear a voice of wisdom.

Remember to call this buddy and do not get into the “I don’t want to be a bother or a pest to anyone”.

Take a CHANCE!!!

Have some FUN!!!

LAUGH at yourself or something!!!

When you make the decision to do something the world stands up and says, “I’ll help you”, but you have to;

– be ready to take the opportunities that come your way.

– step into the fear even if you are scared to do so.

– accept an invitation even if you are too tired, you never know where this will lead.

– not put parameters on how the “help” comes, what you think you may be the best outcome may be different and something you never imagined.


Believe in YOU and the world will believe in YOU too!

All my best,

Barbara J. Saunders