January a New Beginning

January, the start of a new year; what do you say to yourself?  For some there are thoughts of resolutions or goals.  Stop smoking, lose weight, and get more physically active or whatever is decided.  Now, add the grief component, what do you say to yourself and what comes to mind?

Depending on how long ago the loss was, there may be reflection on how far you have come and how much you have accomplished or not.  Perhaps, there are stumbling blocks in the way and you have choices and decisions to make for yourself and others whom you are responsible for.  Motivation may be needed at this time.

I mention motivation and with this I know there are many interconnected variables that affect this. I might be preaching to the choir, but it is important to reinforce how much self care plays a part in getting motivated.  Consider this a kick in the butt if you need it; get enough sleep, exercise, eat properly and take care of your spiritual well-being.

I have heard a few motivating comments when life is the hardest and individuals’ have pulled from their inner strength to move forward in life.  Comments such as; “I have to keep on trucking”, “Stand still in the midst of turmoil”, “No one is going to do it for me” and “If I stop now I don’t know what will happen” are stated when there are still mountains to climb and there is no end in sight.

January can be a time when life identifies another year gone by, another anniversary date to deal with, another moment to look back upon or a minute to stop and say ENOUGH of this. There are individuals who do say “ENOUGH”!  Can you picture it; standing in the room alone, arms raised above your head and loudly stating ENOUGH OF BEING THIS WAY AND ENOUGH OF EVERYTHING CONNECTED TO GRIEF!

Motivation or not, January is a new beginning with or without you seeing it as such.  If not right now, then perhaps later on as long as you start looking at life in a different way.  Life will start to change; it begins where you focus your attention. You decide, you choose when you start to focus on how you now want life to be.

I know making this choice is not easy.  Choose wisely, your life depends upon it.

All my best,

Barbara Gillett Saunders


Every day is a new beginning

Take a deep breath and