“If Tomorrow Never Comes” is a Garth Brooks song that reflects on many aspects of endings and death. I have heard this song played a few times in the past few months; on TV, radio and at a funeral.

Feelings of sadness, tears and thoughts of if tomorrow never comes combine with wondering if there is something I have left unsaid or not done. I know I am not alone and many others have the same feelings and thoughts.

Saying “I love you”, being nice to people, understanding there is much more to life than what meets the eyes and looking deep inside to any places of anger, fear and unforgiveness; to clear the slate before tomorrow never comes may be difficult.

An elderly person once strongly encouraged a dying person not to die without mending relationship rifts where possible. Take time to mend your rift and in the process heal a part of your heart; if not for you then for someone else. Hmmm, you might ask why.

What if that rift has been there for years, no matter when or how it was caused? Can you let go of the feelings entrenched in your being? For some the answer is a loud, strong “NO”! For others this question may be food for thought resulting in a potential may be or yes.

Say a prayer, ask for help from a higher power or just do it…say what you need to say without trying to guess what the other person will say or do. Speak your truth and that is all you can do. You are not responsible for how someone else reacts to your gesture.