How difficult is it?

I know life is difficult. I know life can be full of surprises; some come with hopeful anticipation and others come when we least expect it.

Is life difficult because we have not figured out how to bend when the wind blows? Is life difficult because we cannot see it any other way? Is it possible; the more we focus on the toughness of life, the more toughness we get to experience?

I see many people struggling with a crisis or more. Life seems to be going in negative cycles for some people, with several predicaments happening at the same time. It must be difficult to live this way.

I know from my own experiences the closer I am to a situation, the more difficult it is to see a way out and hence, yes it is difficult.

Can I or you make a difference when someone cannot see the forest for the trees? Sometimes, the answer is, yes, no and maybe. The individual in a difficult situation has to acknowledge there is a problem and then want to accept or seek help.

Help may only be accepted from certain individuals and not necessarily is that family or friends. Hmmm, now how difficult is it? What can you do?

Be supportive when needed and suggest other alternatives.

When life becomes difficult,

GRIEF can grab you in many ways.