Addressing a concern stated about a previous article “Loss Due to Discrimination

I want to share a comment that came through to me after a Newsletter on “Loss Due to Discrimination” went out on April 20, 2020.  I am doing this, because a valid point is being made by this individual and others need to know this.  If one person is stating it, many more are thinking it.

I have no idea who this individual is and therefore I am not divulging any confidential information in presenting what has transpired. Below is the comment that was sent to me.


“Oh you mean the way people with mental health issues are discriminated against by grief counselors and denied service? Or a pet owner who has lost a beloved pet who has also been discriminated against by grief counselors and also denied service?

Who is defining the discrimination and what work is being done to assist those individuals?”



Yes, all of what you have mentioned applies.  I know there are situations when discrimination occurs and I also know that some and perhaps many counselors stay within their scope of practice with what they understand.  I also know that there are limited resources and not much funding for those who cannot afford grief supports from private practitioners.  I also know there are individuals who when offered such supports do not take advantage of them or don’t show up for appointments.  I know this can be because of grief or mental health concerns, but not all counselors understand this.

There is a lot I could say about this topic.

All my best


I would further like to address counsellors and those who support grieving individuals.  Do you discriminate against individuals with mental health concerns or have had a pet die?  Food for thought!

Use your interpersonal and listening skills to ask the questions about their story.  Sometimes, as with everyone they need to be heard.  Individuals with mental health concerns grieve many losses, because of how they are perceived by others, including counsellors.

All my best,

Barbara Gillett Saunders


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