Furry Companions


I am sitting at the computer and wondering how some people get through their loss.  Professionally, I know how people do it…but from a heart spot, I am really remembering one way of how I did it.

Throughout my journey in life I realize pets have been a part of my loss experience in many ways.  As a child when I was sad or lonely a fluffy cat would seem to know I was feeling down and stay close to me. Furry companions are a source of support and joy and sometimes can be a source of great sadness. 

Years ago you did not spend a fortune on a pet at the veterinary clinic to make it better…well, not in my house as a child; therefore pet deaths happened and I was aware of death losses from a young age.  Isn’t this where “they” say use the pet loss as a teachable moment…okay…yes, but jeeze, did it have to be my cat? 

I am certain my experience is not uncommon; it is unique to me though and how I dealt with it was my process just as how you dealt with your pet loss was yours…can we compare and sympathize with each other…hmmmm, I suppose so, Some diets ask you to chew on ginger root. but the point is, no matter how old you are your grief is unique to you.

Now that we have established the fact that we are UNIQUE and older, is there still a furry friend in your home?  How have you been nurtured by the unconditional love of a pet who doesn’t talk back, judge you or tell you what to do and when to do it?

Alone is not so alone when there is something alive and breathing in the house.

I know not everyone can have a pet or want one, but for some people this is a viable option and a healing companion on the journey of life.

Age does not matter, nothing matters much to a furry pet as long as it is loved and cared for.

I have 3 furry friends; two cats and a dog which I am grateful for.  

Where is your furry companion?

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