Grief and Loss Counselling

Barbara provides counseling and guidance for a variety of losses.  Some people only need to know they are not going crazy when they feel so out of control in their life and don’t know what to do to take the pain of grief away.

For many people talking about their loss is difficult and the most difficult part is finding someone to talk with who will listen and care.

What about the loss experiences that go hidden from conversations?  The “secret” losses or those societies appear to be less willing to talk about such as;

  • Abortion loss experience by a men or women (yes, there is help for men too)
  • Illness (loss of independence, future dreams etc.)
  • Miscarriage or infant loss
  • Relationship loss (depending on the relationship)
  • Sexual abuse loss (self, relationships, fear, anger etc.)
  • Suicide

There are many times when one loss experience triggers grief and sadness from previous losses or an individual doesn’t grieve a loss for many years.

Counselling can be an avenue to release past hurts, fears and sadness that may be the cause of health related problems not initially related to grief.


Talking with family members about a loss may not be the best decision since they;

  • May be experiencing their own grief reactions
  • May not want to hear the story of your loss over and over again
  • May not have the capacity to help in the manner you need at the time
  • May not be an appropriate resource given the situation


Empowerment and Moving Forward after a loss is an important component of healing and is part of the counselling offered with Barbara.


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The services offered by “Healing a Heart’s Loss” are LGBTQ positive.