Family or Small Group Sessions

After a loss it is not uncommon to hear comments such as; “I don’t understand why my sister has never cried over mom’s passing…”, “Every time I try to talk to my husband, he just shuts down…” , “I’m very concerned about my daughter; she hasn’t been participating in the things she usually enjoys or connecting with her friends lately”, “I’m concerned about my dad after mom’s passing; all he does is talk about her”.

Do you have concerns you want to help prevent?

Do you want to move from sorrow and sadness to understanding and hope?

A “Family” session can;

  • Offer peace of mind
  • Give permission to be sad
  • Provide hope
  • Open the lines of communication

  How does this service work?

  • Make an appointment to meet with family members of all ages to openly ask questions and share concerns
  • Call  519-637-8458 or email Barbara at  to book a time for you to come to the office that is convenient for you and your family
  • Special arrangements can be made to go to your home where everyone can meet and feel comfortable in a familiar setting.

This is not a counselling session, but is intended to offer support, resources, information and an opportunity to ask questions. 

A service provided to help you and your family move from sorrow and sadness to understanding and hope.