Why Do Some People Stay STUCK?

I know you have heard it before or have said it to yourself; that “stuff” about letting go, moving on with your life and probably many more unfavourable comments.

You might be saying, “Yep!  So what, do you know how hard it is to get unstuck?”

What does being stuck look like for you or someone you care about? 

  • Feeling caught in the pain of the situation, perhaps from a loss experience
  • Fearful of making the wrong decision
  • Fearful of what others might think
  • Focusing on the “what if” list
  • Feeling guilty
  • Feeling no forgiveness
  • Feeling anger
  • Feelings of self-doubt

Every point listed could have another list forming from it.

Take a look at “pain” for a moment; is it physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual?  Oh no, all of the above!  Are you feeling overwhelmed with one aspect?  No wonder you are stuck.

The combination of several points mentioned can feel like you are buried under a pile of rocks