TIR & Life’s Traumas Revisited

Grief – Insomnia – Disturbing Memories – Guilt – Anxieties – Nightmares and more…

Have you ever noticed that traumas perceived as a child seem to linger into adulthood?  Not only linger, the traumas seem to get more added to them and eventually as an adult they appear as improper or unhealthy ways of coping and dealing with life.

For many people the coping strategies become so much a part of their daily life they do not realize it is a coping strategy at all.  Sometimes issues come to the surface disguised initially as; illness, body pain, mental or psychological problems or a sense of being overloaded with life and having little or no ability to cope effectively.

“Trauma Incident Reduction” (TIR) may be something to consider.  Being client centred, the TIR technique may help to speed up the healing or grieving process by directly focusing on key aspects of your situation or grief.   This is not a therapy, you integrate the information you already have and bring it to the surface to be looked at and in so doing, release the emotional charge associated with the event, trauma or life situation as it pertains specifically to you.

One client mentioned she could not believe how GREAT she felt after one TIR session and asked to have more sessions to deal with other life situations that she felt have been holding her back from being the best she can be.

I will not sugar coat what a TIR session is like.  This is work emotionally, physically and spiritually, but well worth the emotional release experienced after all is said and done.  Please connect with myself or check out www.tir.org for more information and facilitators in your area.

Imagine what it would feel like, living life free of the emotional charge of a situation or event in your life.  Perhaps there are a few events that have caused emotional pain and in some cases physical and psychological pain that has been added to other situations, which you continue to carry to this day.

I call this the “back pack”, where you carry a back pack full of different stresses from life events and sometimes the back pack becomes too heavy to manage; in some cases there is more than one back pack full of emotional pain…IS YOUR BACK PACK TOO HEAVY?

You decide when enough is enough and when the time is right to have JOY in life again.  Call or connect any time you want to chat and start to change “YOU” for the better.

All my best,

Barbara J. Saunders