Spiritual Connections after Death…Has this happened to you?

The topic of connecting with “spirits” after a death often comes up during conversations about death and loss. It is interesting to see how people react to this topic and the various reasons for their opinions.

For some there is a stigma associated with mentioning spiritual connects after a death. There is fear of ridicule by friends, family and community which causes an individual to not share their experiences with too many people. Religious beliefs can play a role in what an individual believes, but not always.

I have noticed that no matter the age, sex, prior belief system or no belief system; if an individual has an unexplainable experience after someone has died that individual has a reaction. The reaction can be fear, denial, disbelief and sometimes a sense of hope.

Is this imagination, delusions, craziness or is this really happening. Is this something believable only if you have a reason to believe? For the person who experiences unexplained events after a death loss (no matter how long after the loss) and truly believes this connection exists, there is often hope of more connecting.

For the person who has this experience there is often an added sadness because there is no one safe to share their story with. Yes, the individual can go to a support group, a counsellor, clergy and more, but determining who is safe to share this information with is difficult.

What do you do? Understand that your experiences and understandings of your experiences are yours. Does it matter what others think? Some people will only believe when it happens to them.