How does the world see me? How do I see myself?


Recently I received an inspiring email from a friend I would like to share with you;

I encourage you to view this short video entitled “The Man at the Counter”.

What do you initially think the older man is doing and why?

After watching this video I felt it emphasized what I have believed for a long time and that is; you don’t really know someone unless you have walked a mile in their shoes.  The other rule I live by is don’t make assumptions about anyone.  Life is too short; therefore find ways to see joy someplace. 

Notice how the older man shows little indication of what his life is like. 

  • How do you do the same? 
  • How do you show the world you are “okay” but really inside that may not be the case?
  • What part of you has been touched or changed from viewing this short video?

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