Grief Support Idea # 3


“A Special Heart”

For some individuals, a heart has special meaning on different levels and therefore is a great way of remembering a loved one.

When doing counselling sessions I ask individuals to choose a ceramic heart to hold onto. This heart can be a reminder of a special loved one and provides a centre of focus. The heart can be felt and rubbed when stress becomes too much or when sadness and longing have become intense.

You can find your own special heart in many ways;

  • On a locket
  • Found on the beach
  • In an ornament
  • In a ring
  • In a picture

Heart stone 1 Heart stones 2 Heart stone 3

However you find your heart and for whatever reason you choose to use it, a heart is a symbol of love that transcends all time and space.

All my best,

Barbara J. Saunders