Grief Support Idea #1

“Sometimes we need something to hold onto.”

After a loss, when there is something quick needed to help someone and you are not certain what might work; try folding a loved one’s t-shirt into the shape of a small pillow.  This can easily be whipped stitched (stitched loosely) closed and held onto when needed.  A child can put this in a back pack and take to school, hold while watching TV or put inside a sweater where no one will notice it while they are sitting quietly.  An adult can do the same thing.  Do not wash the smell of a loved one away; this is part of the remembering.

If there is a name or logo you want to show, fold the item accordingly.

Folding an item of clothing into a pillow size can be done with a child’s blanket, top, sweater, clothing or anything else you can think of.


Fold T-shirt 1 Fold T-shirt 2 Fold T-shirt 3Fold T-shirt 4

Fold T-shirt 5Fold T-shirt 6


All my best,

Barbara J. Saunders