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LITTLE KNOWN FYI’s with Death as a Business 

In recent postings I have spoken about a few businesses that deal with components of death and loss.  At this time I will provide some ideas that will enable you to do your own research and get more details.

Over the years I have heard complaints about funeral planning, expenses, not being prepared to make important decisions and sometimes regrets with the decisions that were made. 

Be proactive, look at the options available to you, talk to funeral directors, make informed decisions and prepare in advance.  You can have your wishes, directions, songs, celebration, etc. written down for others to follow and in doing so ease the process for the ones who have to deal with the final arrangements. 

There are numerous products and businesses connected with death and loss such as;

This organization is run by volunteers who donate(d) thousands of hours over many years to act as watch dogs over the death care/funeral industry and monitor related legislation.  Membership is minimal and you don’t have to volunteer to receive support and advice.

Members can get help with planning simple dignified funerals at moderate cost

if that is what they have decided is most appropriate to their circumstances.

DIY Funerals

I am interested in your comments and ideas,

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As always, I do NOT endorse or receive remunerations for any of the ideas mentioned.  Information from all of the websites was retrieved in the week of Nov.19/12



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