Abortion as a Loss


Yes, I said “abortion”.  Many individuals create their own scenario of what abortion looks like, who would have an abortion, why would someone choose to have an abortion plus whatever comes to mind. 

I mention abortion as a grief and loss component.  For many women the decision to have an abortion is done under duress.  There is research identifying chemical changes in the brain that occur when a woman is pregnant.  The chemical changes can be focused on fight or flight; this is when a woman may consider abortion as an option or the concept of species preservation where a woman will focus on keeping the pregnancy in place even though she is still uncertain how she will cope with a child.

None the less, abortion is the loss of a child that for many women is;

  • A secret they hold onto for in some cases decades
  • A source of guilt
  • A source of self-punishment
  • A source of disconnect from spiritual support
  • Perceived as punishment from “god” or how spiritual power is seen in your eyes
  • Filled with regret, sadness, and tears shed in silence


How does someone heal from this loss?

Where does support come from for this loss?

Project Rachael is the Catholic Church’s healing ministry to those who have been involved in abortion. Its name comes from Scripture.  There is a mild religious component to the retreat weekends and counselling sessions.  The support offered is open to men and women who have experience with abortion.  There is no criterion set with religious affiliation; all are welcomed to seek help.


In the United States for more information     http://hopeafterabortion.com/?page_id=88

In Halifax Nova Scotia for basic information  http://www.projectrachel.ca/index.html

In Ontario, Windsor/Essex & London              http://windsoressex.cioc.ca/record/WIN0390

National Office for Project Rachael                  http://www.noparh.org/international.html

I have placed a focus on Project Rachael due to the flexible cost of getting counselling and the fact the support is available to anyone (men/women) no matter their religious beliefs.  There are a variety of web sites that talk about different support systems you can look for if interested.